Unlock and activate voice functions (phone mode) in the modem HUAWEI E1550

After installing a locked modem sim kard alternative operator. Program Management modem ask you to enter an unlock code (unlock code). At the moment this applies to all HUAWEI E1550 except modems blocked by the operator KYIVSTAR. In modem KYIVSTAR management program after you install the modem sim kard alternative operator needs to establish a correct SIM card.

In modem HUAWEI E1550 operator KYIVSTAR with IMEI numbers starting at 353142, and piercing 11.608.12.00.174 locked herself to input unlock code (unlock code). To unlock the modem must be altered. This will require code flashing (flash code). After a firmware update (update the software modem), such as a version 11.608.13.02.00 modem starts to work with any sim card.

In modem HUAWEI E1550 operator KYIVSTAR with IMEI numbers starting at 357123 and 358811, and piercing 11.608.12.02.174 and IMEI numbers starting at 359124, and piercing 11.608.14.11.174 and firmware 11.608.14.11.222 operator MTS UKRAINE locked able to unlock and flashing software modem. Unlock the operator such modems can only be paid programs.

For flashing the contents of memory built-in drive (with driver and software-dashboard) does not require any code and paroley.Dostatochno just run update utility. In the future we plan to place on our website links to dashboard and other programs for modems HUAWEI. .Go to page PROGRAMM and SOFTWARE

Support for voice functions (phone mode) in HUAWEI E1550 is implemented as follows. Company producer HUAWEI activates support voice functions solely at the request of the mobile operator customer modems. At this point in time (01.02.2010) is known about the initial activation of this function in the modem operators MTS RUSSIA and KYIVSTAR with IMEI starting at the numbers 358811.No with time things change ... The principle of voice features in the modem E1550 is very simple. To test the voice functions in your copy of the modem. It needs to be altered dashboard support voice functions E155X Mobile Partner Voice USSD enable multilanguage

или отредактировать файл конфигурации для пользователей киевстар СКАЧАТЬ

In case if you try to dial a number and call the call immediately terminates. So you have the voice did not initially activated and require additional activation fee for this service. If the connection is but can not hear you or companion should be submitted to the modem initialization command AT ^ U2DIAG = 255 via HyperTerminal. In the case of the voice calls through the modem (phone mode) tariffication of such challenges comes from tariffs for phone calls and not data. ip-phone and skype do not have to do with.

If you have any questions about unlocking modem ZTE HUAWEI VODAFONE or voice activation Contact us by email or icq or call us Ukraine Donetsk +38068-6638703 and we will try to help you.

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